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Head Start Basketball is directed by Mike Klinzing, former Strongsville High School and Division 1 College Player at Kent State University.  This is our 25th year of teaching basketball skills to players of all ages!

Attending a Head Start Basketball Camp will help improve your young player's fundamentals.  Our camps teach the game make it fun at the same time.  Head Start Basketball Camps provide the kind of positive experience that you as a parent want for your young player.  We use basketball to help kids build character, promote good sportsmanship, and develop leadership skills.   Head Start Basketball Director Mike Klinzing has spent 24 years developing a basketball camp philosophy based on the idea that the game is more fun when you can play it well and play it the right way.  Your young player will get individual attention from Mike and our staff.  We guarantee they will have fun and be taught the fundamentals of basketball.

HSB Skills Training is designed to help players of all ages and skill levels "Get an edge and have more fun playing the game." Head Start Basketball Director Mike Klinzing and our staff have trained and coached players of all ages and skills ranging from beginners to the collegiate level.  We use intense, dynamic drills, along with detailed teaching points, to improve player's skills and fundamentals, allowing them to be successful at any level. HSB Skills Training drills teach players a variety of skills and fundamentals in an innovative way, making players want to practice more on their own.  HSB Skills Training gives your young player the tools it takes to get an edge on the competition. We want to inspire them to become more dedicated and work hard on their own. HSB Skills Training also strives to improve players' toughness, character, leadership abilities, work ethic, and competitiveness.

Basketball and Technology Training Sessions (BATTS) are a new trend in the basketball world that will dramatically help improve your ability to become a better basketball player. This trend is driven by measurable data for the aspects that happen the most out on the court. At Head Start Basketball, we want to be on the cutting edge of this trend and think it is the future of how we can track, analyze and evaluate player performance. We now can offer players, who want to get an edge on their competition and be out in front of this wave of technology, a systematic, efficient and dynamic plan of action that is measurable and based on quantifiable research. Our goal is to create a blueprint for each player's development in ball-handling and shooting to achieve success on the court. We have the newest, most advanced technology that is out on the market today and will be updating and investing in state of the art innovations that we feel will enhance our player's productivity and performance.

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