HSB Skills Training Sessions  Basketball

HSB Skills Training is designed to help players of all ages and skill levels "Get an Edge and have more fun playing the game"  Head Start Basketball Director Mike Klinzing and our staff have trained and coached players of all ages and skills ranging from beginners to the collegiate level.  We use intense, dynamic drills, along with detailed teaching points, to improve player's skills and fundamentals, allowing them to be successful at any level. HSB Skills Training drills teach players a variety of skills and fundamentals in an innovative way, making players want to practice more on their own.  HSB Skills Training gives the players the tools it takes to become a better player. We want to inspire them to become more dedicated and work hard on their own. HSB Skills Training also strives to improve players' toughness, leadership abilities, work ethic, and competitiveness. HSB Skills Training is available at the Strongsville Recreation Center, the Hoop Guru Academy Courthouse in Hinckley, and your location if you have a gym available. Private instruction is available for 1-3 players at a time.


One Player / One Hour:  $50 Per Player
Two Players / One Hour:  $35 Per Player
Three Players  / One Hour:  $25 Per Player

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