H.I.T.S. (High Intensity Training Sessions)  Basketball

Mike Klinzing of Head Start Basketball and Nelson Schorr of Hoop Guru

Basketball have teamed up to offer area basketball players a unique

opportunity to improve their basketball skills. With over 40 years of

combined basketball  skills training your child is sure to increase

their basketball skills with our innovative approach to training.Things you'll learn out on the court

For boys and girls in grades 2-12.  Players will be separated by age/ability to maximize their skill development.

Dynamic Ball Handling Drills: 2 ball, 3 ball, tennis balls and more to challenge you!  Individual Perimeter Moves:  Killer crossovers, inside-out, behind the back, between the legs, hesitation and spin moves perfected, Post Moves:  Drop steps, up & under, Duncan move, Mikan drill, Reverse Mikan, Jump hooks and more.  Learn how to play without the ball.  Drills that you can use on your own to get better. Transition Drills:  Learn to pass and score on the move, 3 on 2 drills, shots off the dribble, catch and shoot, Live 1 on 1 sessions:  Go live 1 on 1 against other session players to master the skills done in previous drills.  Live 3 on 3 concept sessions:  Work on screening, cutting and playing without the basketball

  • Cost: $15 per session
  • Punch Card Option
    • Buy a 10 Session punch card for $130 (Save $20)
    • Buy a 20 Session punch card for $250 (Save $50)
    • Unlimited Sessions:  1 year, $450
H.I.T.S.  Details

Who: For Boys & Girls in Grades 1-12

What: High Intensity Training Sessions

Where: Held at Hoop Guru Courthouse, 1669 West 130th St., Building 5, Hinckley, OH 44233

Upcoming HITS Sessions

Every Monday in January beginning 1/8/18 from 6:15-7:30 pm

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